The Living Book

by Mitch Johnson

Fifty years ago, in the year 2020, we made a choice.
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Welcome to ‘The Living Book’.
Children's author, Mitch Johnson, has tasked a group of school children from Norfolk to write about their futures relating to climate change.
"The Living Book has been created by children; they are its authors. It is a product of their ideas, hopes and fears: dreams and nightmares of a future world that may or may not come true. My role has been to curate their collective visions."

- Mitch Johnson

They were asked: What will our world look like as the climate emergency begins to change our world in appreciable ways?
What kind of food will we eat in fifty years’ time?
In fifty years' time, what would we say to our past selves, alive now in 2020?, You can now visit the collective, emerging imaginarium inspired by their answers and ideas - their own book of the future.
It is fifty years in the future and you can visit five different types of location.
Urban / Forest / River / Coastal / Arctic
Urban Illustration Forest Illustration River Illustration Coastal Illustration Arctic Illustration
Each location can be experienced in two different climate scenarios.
One positive future scenario where we have reacted to the climate crisis by taking responsible positive action.
One negative future scenario where we failed to take action and now have to live with the consequences.
There is a navigational tool to help you explore the different locations and scenarios.

It is this spiral button.
Map of the regions
Each location is represented by one of the segments in the spiral.
You can move from location to location by clicking on the different segments.
Map of the regions, with one area highlighted
By clicking on the button in the centre of the spiral you can also switch between the positive and negative scenarios.
Map of the regions, with the centre highlighted
Take a look around the various locations and try the different scenarios.

Visit the future worlds the children have imagined.

When you have finished exploring you can leave by clicking the exit icon.
Example Exit Button
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